What do French men value in a woman

The special attitude of men towards women in France is known to everyone. Many women associate an affair with a Frenchman with lofty feelings, gallant courtship and a carefree life. French men are the embodiment of girlish aspirations for ideal lovers. What kind of girls do the French like?

In the relationship of men to women in France and in the twenty-first century, romance is not the last place. For a Frenchman, it is important that his chosen one be beautiful, have a slender figure and a well-groomed appearance. However, personal charm, smileiness and sophistication of nature are more appreciated.

Any man, and even more so for the French with a sense of beauty inherent in the nation, is pleased to see a girl next to him who takes care of herself. But the one whom men see off, the Frenchman will prefer a woman who can become a good conversationalist. Most French men are smart and educated. It is important for them that a woman shares their interests: she understands a lot about good cuisine and wines, can keep up a conversation about art and politics, and be able to match the level of most of his acquaintances.

After some time of communication, women from other countries are surprised to come to the conclusion that French men are more important not so much the appearance of a companion, but what she is as a person. Charm and charm take over the standards of female beauty. Kindness, openness, sense of humor and naturalness in communication are what French men especially like. A loving Frenchman, in sincere praise, will first emphasize the mind and talents of a woman, and only after that - her beauty. There is a stereotype that men in France are ladies' men. However, make no mistake: relations with a Frenchman largely depend not only on the beauty of a woman.

    It is important what and how the chosen one says, what she is interested in, what she knows and knows how to do, whether she connects her future with personal development.

The foundation of a relationship is laid at the first glance at a woman, but communication makes important adjustments. The impression created during communication can play a decisive role in the choice of a French life partner. Even before a personal meeting, a girl has the opportunity to show herself from her best side, and the language barrier will not become an obstacle. Communication through a free dating system with automatic translation is a great chance to interest a French man and win him over.