Where to look for a lover

How to find a lover for a married woman? In such cases, it is best to give preference to not one guy for one night, but to a good guy who knows how to keep his mouth shut and a reliable lover who will add variety to his personal life.

Why do I need a lover

Finding a married lover is not that difficult. Why do I need a lover? Generally speaking, physical relationships are not even necessary here, you get an intellectual orgasm. Life again shines brightly, because even scientists confirm that relationships in which a man and a woman are equal in intelligence are much more durable and interesting.

Perhaps your husband is bald, short and uneducated, and prefers to go to a meeting with classmates with a spectacularly muscular male. Or your husband is stingy with tenderness, and he doesn't really need your hot kisses, so he needs a sensual man, a lover of romance.

What pushes to look for a lover

Perhaps your husband is very used to you, he has failed to notice your virtues and sex has (become) routine and rare. He even stopped kissing you for nothing, but this is vital for the female body! After countless tips, initiatives in bed, he seeks a lover exclusively for sex.

    Pros. There are sex lovers everywhere - that CLEAR man will refuse an easy burden? It can be beautiful and exciting, champagne, flowers, everything unknown and passionate.
    Cons. You may soon discover that your orgasm does not usually occur regularly in the process of having sex with this incredible man. Well, even if he doesn't understand exactly what he needs, and the explanation is somewhat strange. Or maybe there just isn't enough love, which with that particular person is completely out of your plans.

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Where to look for a lover

Isn't finding a married lover that hard? Broaden your horizons and go to a place where you can meet young people. It can be driving courses, bars, interest groups, where men can be. If you have already obtained a license, go for extreme driving lessons. In summary, look for places where you can meet many men and where there will be someone to choose from. By the way, in this way, you can catch a rich gentleman.

    “Consider your preferences. If you like smart guys, an art gallery or museum is more suitable, and if you're looking for the strongest, go to the gym… ”

If you want to find a lover quickly, go to a ‘nightclub’ or another suitable place for dating. There you will find many people ready not only to meet, but also for intimate relationships. Prepare yourself the way you should: choose stylish and unusual clothes, a beautiful hairstyle and stylish makeup. Observe the men who go to the club and, if you like one of them, try the art of "looking in the eyes" and his charming smile. Most likely, he will understand the secret signs, he will know you, and the aftermath will depend on you.

Another option is to look for a lover on dating websites. You need to be careful not to make a mistake of choice and not find someone who can cause you problems. That is why you should first talk to men selected by correspondence: this will help to partially reduce your risk and understand who you are dealing with. The advantage of this dating option is that you can immediately tell your goals and you will not be seduced by men who need a family and a serious relationship, not sex.

Where not to look

Finding a lover can take some time. There are thousands of places where you can find a man for love. However, among them, there are those who are better off being careful. First of all, refuse to look for a lover at work. Sooner or later, your relationship with a co-worker, or even with a subordinate, or boss, will be known in the team, and this will certainly cause many problems.

It is especially dangerous to communicate with friends of ex-men, neighbors, etc. First of all, this applies to married women: your spouse can be informed that your wife is dating someone in your environment. Obviously, it is easier to find a suitable candidate among acquaintances, because you already know a lot about them, however, if you just need a lover and do not want to take on additional or even more obligations to announce your connections, it is better to try to find a man somewhere else.

How to start a relationship with a lover

The qualities of a good lover are not the same for everyone. What do you want from a love affair?

    Financial support.
    Distract from family problems at work.
    Perhaps, on the contrary, you dream that a relationship with a lover will become a complete family.

Who do you see as a partner? The psychology of the relationship of lovers is a game on paper. Who are you in this regard:

    Frivolous don Juan.