How to meet a man of your dreams or a lifetime partner choice tips

When it comes a special time in your life whether you're ready to a relationship or even a family but you look around and see none that could be a man of your dreams. Don't be afraid to stay alone. If you've got a goal you definitely can follow a plan to find your special one.


Men selection criterias

Making a choice becomes an everyday skill. So it's nothing extraordinary that women use some criteria of selection to find a proper man. Does it work? Yes, surely. If you know what are you looking for the Universe is helping you to get it. Once you decide to attract a man into your life you send a message to the Universe. 

If you send an abstraction you'll have a low chance to get what you need. But if you think of a detailed portrait you can be sure that your man will be at least a nice copy of it. What criterias are important to make a choice? 
Scientists made a research to find what things can influence on your decision to make a couple.



When people are dreaming of the proper partner the first thing that they're thinking of is a personality. Imagine the leading traits of character of your ideal man. Be sincere to yourself. If you are attracted to cynical and intellectual men like Sherlock or Dr House so don't wait to fall in love with a kind, positive and sensitive guy like Watson. 

Think of even small and unexpected traits that you are waiting for. Maybe your man should be an Instagram blogger or a star of a local stand up show. More details in the message to the Universe will help you to meet your puzzle. For example, he likes to cook cupcakes or can play a guitar, he's crying over sad movies episodes or has got friends in every country where you can go together.



Personality is not the only thing that is important to build a proper relationship. Statistics shows that lifestyle can influence much on our decision to be together. If your inner dream and passion is to travel all over the world so don't ask a serious financial officer to follow your dreams. Also don't wait from a creative freelancer to leave his freedom and start a bank career. 

Try to find someone who's more look alike with you and your lifestyle than someone different. If you want to get acquainted with a man for serious relationship you'd better choose one with the same or alike taste, rythms, goals, habits, all that is called a lifestyle.



Values become a unique code that shows you whether you're in the same team or in the opposite. When you just get acquainted or feel passion there's no matter what values does your guy have. But if you are ready to make a family and have children values can unite or ruin everything.



Appearance is a kind of selection criteria when you're just looking for a partner. Most of women would like to meet tall and slim athletic guys. Don't make too much criterias because appearance can change and your reaction and taste can be changed too. Try to think of 1-2 the most valuable criterias.



For some people age criteria is a serious barrier for love. It is known that 7-10 years age difference is a maximum comfortable level. Less is ok but more than 10 years difference brings people to different generations so it's harder to communicate in some way.



Educational level is also influencing on relationship. But it's more about mutual tastes and lifestyle than about university degree or quantity of books you've read.


How to draw a proper man into your life

When you've finished with selection criterias you need to send this message to the Universe. The first level is dreaming and visualisation techniques. But then you need to start. You need to do, to step on the road. 

Start using Facebook and Instagram to find the men that are your ideal candidate. Just train to find them and check if you really can imagine a proper man. Then you can analyse some dating apps whether there are guys that you're looking for. You can date and grow your communication skills. Then try to use these skills and experience in real life. Keep your eyes wide open when you meet people, date and seek your ideal. 

When you'll get all these three components: a portrait of your ideal man, a message to the Universe and a dating skill so after a while you'll definitely meet your partner. So imagine, say and choose! This is a true recipe of getting what you want. 

But where can you choose a proper man? Where to meet a man that you've visualised?


Where to seek a man

You can believe in Destiny and do nothing to find a proper guy. But you'd better believe in communication skills, a power of experience and a Nike slogan "Just do it"! Don't sit alone and do: go to the places where are a lot of men, visit events, chat in dating apps and register on a special dating site. But where to go? Where are guys hanging around and are ready to acquaintance?


Restaurants and cafes

Cafes and pubs, bars and restaurants are really great places to meet someone. Many couples say that they've met together there. Nice atmosphere, many tasty food and alcohol make men feel comfortable and playful. 

Try to visit a place where you can meet your ideal candidate. If you're looking for an intellectual and successful man you'd better go to the restaurant or a popular trendy cafe but not a McDonald's.


Fitness centers and gyms

Gyms are really a nice place to get acquainted with men there:

  • you can see a shape of every guy; 
  • analyse his personality if he is lazy, selfish or willing to help, achieving leader or talkative "best friend", is he Halk or Harry Potter; 
  • it's easy to look natural if you are asking for help. 

Don't look much only at appearance. Analyse the character traits and values. This way you will be able to choose not only an athletic buddy but a lifetime partner.


Hobby clubs and optional activities

Would you like to have a man who's cooking great food or can sew you a perfect dress? So seek someone in a proper hobby club or visit optional activities related with these interests. If you want not only to get acquainted but to check your future ideal candidate you can travel together in group, go hiking, go on cycling tour, etc. 

Think twice if you want to find a man at such events like Burning Man. What are the chances that your meeting will grow into something serious? You need a longtime relationship or a family. Choose the activities from this point of view.



Travellings brought many couples together. Do you know the secret of falling in love in all romantic stories? Love needs two ingredients: unusual heroes and extraordinary situation. Is there anything more extraordinary for people than a trip? So you have big chances to fall in love with someone who's traveling around. 

But try to ask as many details about his lifestyle, work, hobbies and habits as you can. Because while traveling you're not able to analyse these things. Information about his parents, career, typical weekend activities is more useful for you than information about his nice jumping from 3 meters waterfall.


Dating site

And now bingo! Dating site is currently the most comfortable, easy and safe way to find a man of your dreams. It's a kind of marketplace where you can analyse, use filters, observe everyone before you make your choice. You don't need to guess, to ask questions which is not very good in life. You get as much information about candidates as you need to understand how to meet your destiny man and whether it's him or not. 

Remember that once you've got a plan you need to bring it to life. The Internet makes a problem of seeking, meeting and communication easier than in reality. Try a dating site or app to train your skills, to feel free in flirting and to be sure in yourself. Find your man!