New relationships: how to start?

Building new relationships always requires patience and effort. Falling in love with someone again is something that most people long for on the one hand and on the other hand deeply fear. In fact, love can turn the most confident person into the biggest rabbit foot. When feelings are involved, there is great concern that the chosen one or the one worshiped cannot return the feelings. In these situations, many people want a general recipe with which the other is guaranteed to fall in love with themselves. But there is no such thing. Instead, the other person has to be taken care of, sometimes even fought. Emperor Napoleon is said to have said that anything is allowed in war and in love. Doing everything and doing everything to make someone fall in love is certainly not a good idea. Using a few small tools to make yourself interesting is quite legal.


How to start a conversation

How to start a relationship? So the main recommendations:

  • Do not be shy, be confident in your abilities.
  • Find common hobbies and interests.
  • Be sincere.

The recipe for love is that there is no recipe. People are as different as grains of sand by the sea. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for how the lady or the man of the heart falls in love with yourself or how a relationship should be started, so that a lasting, harmonious and happy partnership is guaranteed. However, many people are similar in their ideas. That is why there are a few tips that can be taken to heart. However, everyone has to develop a feeling for whether he or she is really right with his or her adored person. Some people intuitively feel how they have to behave towards other people in order to achieve the desired effect. But not everyone is blessed with this talent.

Those who struggle to recognize what other people want or need, or who are not sure whether they can recognize the wishes and needs of others, still have hope for them. Because empathy and an antenna for the person opposite can be trained. An important means, if not the most important, is listening. This does not mean that the other party should only be treated with understanding, restraint and timidity on an emotional level. Whoever does this quickly becomes a Platonic friend - a role from which it is difficult to escape. The other person not only has to feel drawn to a friend, but also to a lover. Therefore listening should not be understood as an exclusive behavior, but as a means to an end. If you listen to the other person and also notice small things, you can quickly see what type of man or woman you dream of and also surprise him or her with suitable small things, direct the topic of conversation to areas that interest the other and thus identify yourself as ideal Present election.


Rules for Building Relationships

Rules of conduct in relationships have their own characteristics. Who knows the chosen one or the adored one better than their best friend or friend. For this reason, it can sometimes be helpful to take a detour and look for your best friend. If you can win the best buddy or your best friend, you have a much easier game. However, it should be noted that the route through the best friend of the partner in Spe is not safe. Anyone who makes mistakes here loses an important ally in the struggle for love.


Be Generous

New relationships are a new world. Generosity goes hand in hand with the desire to care and protect. If your man does not fully correspond to the image of a knight-defender, it is worth considering: and you yourself give him such an opportunity? The image of an independent and independent “iron lady” can become so familiar that we gradually wean to show female fragility and weakness - and if so, then a man sometimes does not assume that we expect him to show attention. Start asking your loved one for help - even if at first it will be difficult for you to do this, and your inner voice will persistently whisper: “I can handle it myself!” One of the main needs of a man is to feel fit, and if you give him this feeling, he will answer you with generosity and sincere care.


Do not stop surprising each other

Starting a new relationship is an adventure. Generosity is a quality that can be developed quickly enough, you just need to create the appropriate atmosphere. If you want a man to be generous towards you, learn to be generous yourself - give attention, time and strength to yourself and your loved ones, do not skimp on pleasant words and emotions, make surprises for no reason, give small gifts - in a word, cultivate generosity in your relationship: inspired by your mood, the man himself will gradually begin to become more and more generous and attentive.


Spend time together

The time you spend together is crucial for developing your relationship and your interest in each other. But life also has its own requirements. You will have to pay due attention to your problems: work, friends, as well as family. Therefore, you need to set a realistic time limit that you will spend together.

Do not jeopardize your career, ambition or hobby for this new relationship. Your partner must be mature enough to understand what you want and agree with you. In fact, the partner, of course, also has its own tasks and aspirations. Encourage your friend’s hearts to pursue them, while paying due attention to your relationship.


Appreciate your love

Love each other and appreciate each other. Hold on to the relationship that you have and do not give each other to anyone and never, no matter how hard it was. Forgive mistakes, compliment, divide happiness and sorrow in half. This is the only way to build a happy future. Only so, but not otherwise. Just right now, tell the person dearest to you how much you love him, how you need him. Put your stubborn character and pride aside. This is the least you can give him to make him even a thousandth percent happier and become a bit happier yourself. Remember, this is your life, this is not a movie with a happy ending. Not everyone has even a first chance for love, not to mention the second and third.


Happiness in a relationship

Sometimes, all of a sudden, all the efforts and efforts that have been put into wooing the chosen one suddenly lead to a partnership. You wouldn't have thought it possible yourself, but the adored person is suddenly the new, steady girlfriend and the dream prince the steady friend. And then? A young relationship is both stormy and fragile. Everyday banal things, which long-term relationships are always fatal, cannot harm a fresh partnership. On the other hand, the feelings are not yet established. For this reason, the relationship should still be handled with kid gloves. It is important, for example, to give yourself and the other freedom. It is not necessary to spend every free second in the other's arms. For both a fresh and a long-term relationship, it is important that both partners are still independent people, with their own friends, their hobbies and their own interests.



If you give yourself up too much for a relationship, you will not be permanently happy with it. On the other hand, if you are popular with other people despite a relationship, are financially on your own two feet, develop or develop your own talents, are satisfied and balanced and sometimes spend time with yourself, you will always make yourself attractive and create opportunities for yourself to please others.