Ideal man: what is he like?

The relationship between a man and a woman depends on many factors. How to meet the perfect man? Hollywood's stereotypes are out! Today's dream man should bring a bit of everything with him. 55 percent of women surveyed dream of a guy who has both a “hard” and a “soft” side. But we want to take a closer look at these characteristics, question the meaning of optics and show you how to find the man for life.


List of qualities of an ideal

  1. He should have good manners. A good nursery becomes noticeable at the latest when looking for a partner. Good manners therefore come first in the ranking for the best characteristics. The gentleman clearly outstrips the macho here. 90 percent of the women surveyed are of this opinion.
  2. It should ensure a harmonious partnership. The second place in the ranking for the characteristics of a dream man clearly aims at the need for harmony among women. 88 percent of the study participants want a harmonious, happy relationship. Men who understand how to create a good and balanced relationship climate become enormously attractive.
  3. The dream man should bring understanding. He doesn't have to be a sensitive softie, but he should have empathy. 83 percent of women expect their partner to have understanding. Sincere and respectful treatment has a magnetic effect on the female gender. Self-loving heroism has no place here.
  4. It should share the same values. A life attitude that is as synchronous as possible is desirable. If men cannot look in the same direction, it will be difficult for them to compete in the desired partner category. At 79 percent, having and sharing the same values and ideas of life is still one of the most important traits that he should have if you ask yourself “Is he the right one?”.
  5. He should bring fun. You don't have to be a comedian right away, but fun brakes don't fit into the description of today's dream man. With humor you can quickly determine whether you are swinging on the same level or not. Humor is indispensable for 68 percent of women. So you should be able to make a woman laugh.
  6. The dream man should be a support in everyday life. Put the dishwasher in, carry the garbage down, help in the household. The real heroic deeds of today lie in supporting and coping with everyday situations. Women really can't get anything out of a classic couch potato. And whoever proves to be good support in relationship life no longer needs shimmering armor. 66 percent of those surveyed agree on this.


The figure of a man and male character - what can be said about this?

He has toned muscles and his tanned skin glistens in the sun, while his long flowing hair blows in the wind. The cliché about men, in which even Superman would go green with envy, is not as well received in reality as one might think. Our study results reveal which body shape and optics women would prefer if they could bake the perfect man.

If you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the ideal partner, you have already gone a step too far. In 69 percent of women, the man should have a sporty figure, but as far as the dream man is concerned, they prefer a slim and not too muscular build. 13 percent of women even prefer a rounded, strong figure in men.


Is it worth looking for the perfect?

The ideal woman in the mind of a man is also ambiguous. Men do not have to torture themselves unnecessarily in order to correspond externally to the ideal image. It is interesting that according to our study, appearance is only a decisive criterion for a third of women. For 66 percent of women, it does not matter whether the dream man also has the desired qualities on the outside.

They also exist in real life, the nation's superheroes and ideals. But not everything that glitters is gold. Do not be fooled by the first impression! There are men who at first glance correspond exactly to the description of your dream man. However, personal ideals of beauty often tempt you to throw away inner values that are important to you.


Qualities of a real man from a male point of view

What qualities from a masculine point of view does an ideal man have:

  • Able to set goals and achieve them.
  • Do not waste time in vain.
  • Understands that throughout life it is necessary to develop comprehensively.
  • He does not depend on the presence of a woman nearby.

Another necessary quality of a man is the recognition that women need emotions. Next to such a companion, emotions will no longer be the result of manipulation: he himself will find a way to provide emotions.

If we talk about appearance, here the understanding of masculinity and guys and girls diverge. Many men are negatively inclined to any methods of personal care, except for minimal hygiene. Therefore, a well-groomed young man who is quite attractive to the surrounding ladies, men may find it extremely unattractive.

Most men are confident that appearance in the list of masculine qualities is not in the first place. They attach much more importance to actions. This means that you can have a small stature and a lean physique by nature, but be smart, show courage and protect others.


Everyone has their own ideal

Happiness is a relative concept, and feminine can mean anything at all. Most women agree with the laws of nature, and see happiness in a full-fledged family: a husband-earner and several joyful kids running around the house. At the same time, some ladies do not believe in men, but they love children very much, and all their happiness is built on their beloved child. For his sake, a woman herself earns a living and does everything so that her baby is fully provided. And most modern women feel happy only if they are completely independent and self-sufficient.

To be loved or self-sufficient? A woman who knows her own worth, knows how to earn money, look good, and attract the attention of men, often forgets that time does not stand still. We need to give men a chance to prove themselves and pay attention not only to their shortcomings, but also to virtues.

There are no ideals! Each person, whether male or female, has its drawbacks. It is rightly said that in a loved one they like disadvantages, and in a non-loved one even virtues are annoying. Therefore, in my opinion, it is necessary for girls to look for a loved one with whom they will be fine. And you can search for an ideal all your life, chasing after an imaginary image, and at the end of your life you can be left alone.


Recommendations for Women

There is a category of men who are particularly good at deception through their masculine demeanor. These include, for example, narcissists. These are men who primarily have only themselves in mind, are selfish and may push you into an emotional addiction so that they can do what they want with you. Especially insecure women with a lower self-esteem are more susceptible to this type among the dominant men. Do not allow yourself to be misled and controlled by such blenders. Real beauty only shows up at second glance, and it is known that this comes from within. If you want to recognize wrong men in time, you should be clear about which characteristics of a dream man are of crucial importance for you.


How to find your dream man - two strategies lead to success

A first step can be a list, with which you become clear about which traits your desired partner should fulfill. The appearance shouldn't matter at first. It is important what expectations and wishes you have of a relationship and which preferences and values the right partner should bring. The matching process, which forms the core of the parship principle, gives you exactly the partner suggestions that suit your personality. This gives you the opportunity to quickly and conveniently shorten the online dating to get to know the man of your dreams.

The study facts speak for themselves. Extreme types of men are not in demand. The right man is a balance between desire and reality. A bit of everything, but not too much. That is the motto. The men's world therefore does not have to indulge in unnecessary cosmetic surgery or cultivate an excessive body to meet the wishes of women. So what do women want? Manners, empathy and harmony in the relationship. So the basic traits are still important. Finding the dream man is easier than you might have thought.