How to make relationships happy

Happiness is an abstract concept and is incomprehensible for many people. Ancient philosophers taught that a person should be happy every minute and perceive life as a priceless gift. Unfortunately, many people concentrate more on material rather than spiritual values. Nevertheless, all people are united by the desire for harmonious family life. What are the secrets of a happy relationship? Most likely, husband and wife, even those who have been married for many years, will answer this question in different ways.


What is a happy relationship?

A happy relationship between a man and a woman is impossible without a favorable psychological climate and an atmosphere of complete mutual trust. To create such a climate is a tedious task, as people spend a lot of time together in a family, they have the most mixed feelings (sometimes very conflicting), they constantly communicate, even if they don’t want to. If the family has a favorable psychological climate, then its members have such qualities as:

  • tact and goodwill;
  • respect and tolerance;
  • trust and responsibility.

It is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. If the relationship doesn't bring happiness, many people prefer to distance themselves from each other rather than solve problems. A lot depends on well-being in the family and personal relationships: self-confidence, calmness, mood, success, and health. By their nature, men and women are social humans, so that love and affection have a different meaning for their well-being. Some well-known psychologists believe that every person can find real happiness in the relationship. It all depends on the education of the person in psychology of happy relationships.


The Main Secrets of Happy Relationships

The secrets of a happy marriage include:

  1. The presence of shared values and beliefs. It is not necessary to coincide with everything: you may have different interests and lifestyles. But ideally, the views on global issues - family, spirituality, health, personal growth - should be, if not similar, then at least not conflicting. Of course, opposites attract. But in the future, cardinal differences may cause endless quarrels and misunderstandings;
  2. Freedom and trust. The key to a happy relationship is the absence of prohibitions. Men and women should not report on every minute spent away from each other;
  3. The ability to quarrel. Quarrels are an indispensable component of a healthy relationship. The absence of conflicts may indicate that someone in a pair does not show their sincere emotions and adapts to another. It is vital to reach consensus in time;
  4. The ability to maintain passion in intimate life. Sexual compatibility of partners increases the chances for a long and happy relationship. Even the most unpleasant quarrel can be eclipsed by passionate sexual intercourse;
  5. The lack of secrets. When you are honest with each other and do not hide anything - this is the perfect deal. You should appreciate the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk, throw out feelings, and discuss the most intimate topics with your loved one.

Family harmony and a happy relationship is not a myth but a reality. It is worth noting that, in many families, a temporary alienation may occur. You should be wise and respect the right of your partners to temporary solitude. Sometimes, to maintain a relationship, you should give your partner a break from family relationships and responsibilities.


Happy Relationships for Men

It is essential for men to feel the care of their loved ones, to feel support, confidence in them, honor, to catch a feverish look on themselves. Note:

  • Men like compliments said in the ear, as well as during the party in the company of friends;
  • Men are pleased when women value what they do, admire their achievements, and encourage;
  • They are happy when women are waiting for them at home, and feel that they are welcome;
  • Men will always rush to where they hear pleasant words, enjoy affection and attention.

Indeed, it is often, because of the unwillingness to understand that love requires attention, care, and respect, people begin to feel discontent and irritation. They have complaints where they might not have been. A man is going to be happy while enjoying:

  • attention to what he is interested in, engaged in, where he works, to his dreams, hobbies, plans for the future;
  • sincere interest and desire to help, support;
  • and if he is mistaken, a gentle suggestion that there may be another option for achieving the desired.

They are happy when women do not blackmail them with intimate relationships, trying to punish or get what they need. Men are pleased when they also enjoy it and share what they like. They are ready to hear the wishes of their wives and give them pleasure, so they prefer to be active themselves.


Happy Relationships for Women

If you ask any married woman: “What is family happiness?”, in most cases, the answer will be the following: “It is to be beloved by her beloved husband.” Indeed, happy couples fall asleep and wake up in the same bed, so they are always together and can not imagine life without each other. They have no secrets, and they never lie and do not hide their problems from their spouse. You can consider yourself a happy wife if, having come home from work in the evening and having met your soulmate, your heart sank and you are glad that you are together, hurry up to hug and tell what happened to you during the day. You are happy because you have a loved one with whom you can share good news or disappointments. Happy couples may not even talk, they feel good together, and then, when they sit together in silence and feel the warmth of their souls. It is an indescribable feeling when you are silent, and your hearts continue to beat in the same rhythm, and you are pleased simply that your dear person is present nearby.


What is prohibited in relationships?

To build a happy relationship, one needs to know a few rules to adhere to:

  • Do not hide your feelings. If it hurts you, show it. Only a happy person can make his/her soul mate happy;
  • Do need to keep a grudge. Tell us what you didn’t like so that the next time the wife/husband didn’t repeat the mistake. Otherwise, concealing resentment and being silent about it will not lead to anything good. A mutual understanding is an important component of the relationship;
  • Do not tell your current soulmate about your ex. It will certainly cause a feeling of aggression and jealousy;
  • Be on a par with your loved ones. Do not exalt yourself above them, but do not humble yourself;
  • Never criticize the family of your loved one. Relations with his / her family should be impeccable;
  • You should not constantly control your soulmate. Constant phone calls, SMS, questions - with all this, you show your distrust;
  • Never try and try to change your loved one. Why do you have a relationship with him/her if you are not comfortable with him/her;
  • Never lie. Even the smallest lie can destroy a family.

Sooner or later, but the moment comes when two people of the opposite sex notice a change in feelings. Then, during this period, for most people, the question arises of how to make relationships happy and to maintain feelings and respect for a long time with your soulmate? The most interesting thing is that this question is of interest not only to women but also to men. After all, two people are completely different in character. Therefore, to make as few mistakes as possible, the above tips will be very useful.


Family Relationship: the Point of No Return

The point of no return in a relationship is the partner’s inner conviction that the relationship cannot go on, and any attempts to revive feelings will fail. In what situations do partners cross a critical line? Creating a family is a crucial step for people. However, sometimes there are situations when there is a point of no return in family relationships. Among the possible reasons for the destruction of marriage are:

  • Betrayal of one of the spouses;
  • The unwillingness of the husband or wife to continue to put up with the behavior or attitude of the soulmate;
  • Moral or physical violence in the family. It can be both beatings, insults, and humiliations.

It is a crisis, which leads to the final collapse of the family. In such situations, there are no question marks and commas, but there is only a definite end.


Final Thoughts

A happy relationship is a comfort zone for a man and a woman. And it's not the absence of screams and tantrums. On the contrary, many couples need emotional shakes. The secret to a happy relationship is mutual understanding and trust and a lack of fear to meet condemnation or indifference.