How to choose the perfect date place: unusual locations and surprises

People get to know each other all the time. If you delve into the essence, you will notice that most people expand their social circle in fairly trivial conditions: work, educational institutions, nightclubs, cafes ... Agree, visiting the same places is difficult to meet a new, interesting person and make acquaintance. For small towns, this is a real problem, because the choice of places to meet is limited.

Expanding horizons - getting to know each other in a new way:

Dating in non-standard, not at all predisposing places can be an amazing discovery. We never know where we can meet an interesting person or even our destiny. Every day we pass hundreds of people, in the everyday hustle and bustle sometimes we just forget to look around and watch what is happening around.
To make it easier for you to make acquaintances, let's try to highlight a few non-standard, but suitable places for this:

Public transport (metro, bus, tram, train). Thousands of lonely people travel by public transport every day and dream of meeting each other. Some, on the contrary, try to isolate themselves from the outside world by means of headphones and a music player. But here, showing cunning and ingenuity, you can achieve success. For example, one enterprising young man typed in the text message box: "Will I take this line to Maryino station?" and brought it to the girl who seemed to be completely immersed in listening to her musical apparatus. The girl had to answer him. The beginning of the acquaintance is laid

Walking with pets is not a bad option to meet a friend of the same interests or just a person who loves animals. There will be no awkward pauses and long silence, because the fluffy topic of conversation runs next to you on a leash.

Musical gatherings and festivals. Dating at such meetings is a common and exciting phenomenon. Here you can expand the boundaries of your communication far beyond the boundaries of the usual city, because large festivals gather guests not so much from all over the country, but also from the world.

Acquaintance at courses or trainings. Modern business centers often conduct trainings and lectures on various topics for everyone. Seminars, rallies and other educational events will help you not only gain new knowledge, but also meet interesting people with whom you already have at least one common topic for conversation.

Specialized stores. For example, a building materials store. Here, representatives of both sexes can make acquaintances, because ladies can ask men about the difference between a roller and a spatula, and men, in turn, can listen to the delicate female taste when choosing wallpaper, smoothly transferring the topic to a recently opened cafe, which would be nice to visit together.

This is just a small list of non-standard places to meet. Experiment, be open to new people, be interested in others, and then your life will be filled with bright colors and impressions that you will experience with new friends.