What woman do men want to see near them

A good relationship between a man and a woman is the foundation of a healthy couple. Despite obstacles on the way to gender equality, recent studies show that men are actually increasingly placing intelligence before beauty when choosing a partner, according to Marcel Zentner, professor at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Innsbruck, and his colleague Alice Eagly, professor of Psychology at Northwestern University (USA), after an extensive analysis of studies dealing with social influences on partner selection. “We viewed and analyzed hundreds of studies from various disciplines.


Male Choice Myths

What woman do men want to see near them? If a man cannot trust a woman, can he see her as his girlfriend ... and, ultimately, his wife? Even a small lie can get out of control very quickly and turn into a full-blown problem.

What do men in a woman like most? When she is calm or unbalanced? Probably most people will choose the first option and not be mistaken. Men want a woman who works on her behavior and is responsible for their emotions. This does not mean that you should not show emotions at all. This means the ability to calculate the “response” of the partner to them.

To answer the question “which women like men”, remember Lady Mary Ann, the wife of Benjamin Disraeli. She was not distinguished by beauty and grace, in addition, she was older than her husband, who married her for convenience. However, her care, moral support and kindness won, if not love, then Disraeli's hot affection. Subsequently, he said: "Everything that I have achieved, I owe to my wife."

Understanding gender differences is very important, however, when it comes to finding a partner, the basic rules apply to everyone. All people are looking for someone who will provide support in difficult times, will be friend and lover or lover in one person, will be ready to go through fire and water with the chosen one.


What women prefer men

What should be the perfect wife or girlfriend? What should be a woman?

  1. Self-confident.There is nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her own body. Many ladies ask their lovers questions like: "Does this skirt make me fat?" Enough! Each man has his own idea of an ideal physique. And if he stays with the chosen one, then he likes her the way she is. If a woman wants to change something in herself, go ahead, but you need to do this for yourself, and not for others.
  2. She is a good listener. Most men appreciate women who can just sit and listen. Yes, this requires some patience, but the result is worth it. The ability to listen and really hear what the interlocutor says is a demonstration of support, care and interest towards him. Not to mention the fact that this dramatically increases the chances of reciprocity.
  3. She rejoices in gifts, but does not require them. Yes, a man wants to be a knight in shining armor and treat his beloved like a princess, but! This does not give a license to the princess's permanent behavior. What kind of women do men like? Those that allow a loved one to have romantic dinners and surprise with trinkets, but do not turn it into his duties.
  4. Ready to take the first step. Even the most courageous man does not like to face rejection and does not want his feelings to be hurt. If a woman is not going to verbally initiate interaction, she can show that she is ready to communicate in other ways. For example, touch a man with his hand, or give him a warm smile. In a word, to make it clear that I will be glad to start a conversation or get a kiss.

Features of male psychology

Men do not want to undergo any kind of manipulation. They do not want to read the thoughts of their partner or try to interpret any of her signals. They do not want to see a spoiled little girl next to them. Men do not want to bear the whole burden of guilt for a failed relationship alone.

There is a stereotype that men do not need compliments. It is not true. Any person is pleased when his actions, words or personal qualities are recognized and appreciated.  A compliment is one of the steps leading to increased confidence. It does not have to be verbal. A delighted look at the biceps or at the beautiful shirt will also be accepted as a compliment. There is only one condition: praise must be sincere.


Do men like to kiss?

You can go wrong with kissing - and seduce HIM according to all the rules of art. Studies and surveys on this topic show this again and again. So how do men prefer to be kissed? For this purpose, let's take a closer look at the latest survey:

  • 95 percent of the men surveyed prefer one thing when kissing. Passion.
  • Passivity and reluctance, on the other hand, are rejected by 58 percent.

And what is it actually with the widespread opinion that an intimate kiss for HIM is only the preliminary stage to hot sex? It may or may not be. After all, 98 percent think it's "perfectly okay" - after every hot kiss, sex should always be available for every sixth man. So much for that ...

Now we come to the question of whether kissing actually means anything to men - and whether the relationship should actually be after a kiss. 39 percent of guys only get closer to a woman in this way if they actually have serious intentions and want to be with her. This does not have to mean that the partnership can be made official immediately after the kiss - but it is quite often an indication of this.


Do men like when women get jealous of them?

Depending on the nature and patterns of male behavior, gentlemen react differently to jealous women.

  • If someone is pleased with this emotion, flatters self-esteem, it is usually a “sissy”, who is used to getting attention, even in such a strange way for an adult. In the view of man, care is replaced by this not quite healthy feeling, and does not distinguish between the nuances between them, perceiving everything as a manifestation of love. To keep such a partner, one must maintain the fire of doubt by playing the same game.
  • For some, this feeling will be tantamount to love because of the stereotypic nature of thinking. “Jealous means love”, they think at the same time. It is the absence of stormy scenes that will be perceived not as a sign of complete confidence on the part of the partner, but as a lack of deep emotions in relation to the satellite. Love and jealousy go shoulder to shoulder. It will not be clear why the partner is not worried because of a relationship with other ladies, even if they don’t exist. But such a person cannot be changed categorically, there will be no forgiveness.
  • There are proud and freedom-loving guys for whom trust in relationships is the key to health. And any attempts to show this emotion will be perceived as an encroachment on personal freedom. Such a type will not give an account of the past day and what he was doing the extra two hours after work. If a lady doubts her actions and behavior — this is not needed. Once he has already given the word of fidelity, therefore to suspect later of something means not to trust and try to manipulate. This feeling is forbidden, freedom and trust are the key to a successful relationship. These do not change.
  • And the last type of behavior is the one that considers a woman to be a weak being, which should protect. As a result, she should be afraid of losing her defender, which means she will be jealous of those who can become a rival. If the lady is not jealous — the system gives a puncture, or the chosen one does not like, or was not weak. In one case or another, this was not what he expected. If the relationship is expensive — it is worth playing along, even if there is no reason on his part. But the reaction with the female should be.
  • A partner who is afraid of a jealous woman. Not sure of himself, the woman's incredulity is not clear to him. He can do this, but he is afraid of the same female manifestation.

What kind of women men do not let go?

Clear sign that he sees her as his future wife: since he knows her, he has suddenly become much more orderly and caring. He regularly checks to see if she has enough fuel and oil in the car and is worried if he doesn't know whether she got home well. He used to be interested in nothing else but himself. She makes him a better person — and even he notices that.

While this is not yet a sure sign that he will be making an application soon, it looks damn good ...

An important requirement that she is a potential wife for him is, of course, that he loves her, and she also loves him. But: you should also love yourself.

It simply means that if he compliments you and cares about you, you should also think that you are worth it and can accept the compliments. He doesn't love you for what you do, but only for who you are. This is called unconditional love. Just let it happen.



To put it in a nutshell: men marry women who they think make them and their lives better.