Dating for relationship and marriage

Photos, profiles, correspondence ... All meetings in dating apps merge into one. And we can hardly distinguish to whom we told that school story a week ago, which of the interlocutors is swimming, whom we have already seen, whom we never want to see ... We get tired, delete the profiles, restore - everything is repeated ...
Do dating sites and apps seem to know more about you than your family? Based only on your profile and the criteria you specified, the algorithms of these platforms select potential partners for you, seasoning their photos with spectacular captions: "You are a great couple!", "Perfect match!" You read one questionnaire, look at the photos and think that, probably, the application was not mistaken, and this person is really your destiny ... But the questionnaire is replaced by the next, and you have already forgotten the name of the previous candidate.

Swipe is just a swipe of your finger across the screen that can decide your destiny. Swipe to the left - another profile appears on the screen. Swipe to the right - the profile is in your favorites, and the person from the photo already knows that you like him. However, some time passes, and you go looking again.
People describe the search process as an exciting game or addictive series: you leaf through the questionnaires and cannot stop. You are afraid to miss "the one", and the candidates are being added. However, it turns out that you are flipping through the profiles not for the sake of a partner, but for the sake of the search itself, and in the end you never go on a date with someone whose profile was swiped to the right.
In such conditions, burnout situations are not uncommon. You get tired of flipping through the same questionnaires, looking at similar faces in photographs, each time starting a dialogue with the same phrases. You delete the application and with horror realize that you can no longer live without it. There is nothing else to occupy your free time. After a couple of weeks, the familiar program returns to the smartphone again ...
However, you can prevent such situations and rid yourself of negative emotions in the long run. To do this, check out our tips to help you get the most out of your dating apps.

Choose your daily view limit
Many people spend all their free time searching for candidates using swipes. As a result, this activity becomes a real bad habit. To prevent this from happening, set a limit. For example, if today you have already swiped your finger on the screen 20 times, then you stop doing it and either close the application until tomorrow, or study the previously found potential partners more carefully.

Don't be sprayed with multiple apps
Now there really are many applications for finding a partner, but it is not worth registering in all at once. Better sign up for the free YoooLove app ... The more apps you have, the less attention you pay to the people you interact with. This reduces the likelihood of starting a romantic relationship. It is better to choose one application that suits your age category and lifestyle. This will make you less frustrated.

Ask right away what is important
It makes no sense to communicate with someone whose opinion is diametrically opposite to yours on some important issue. You want your partner to cook - someone thinks that you must cook. You want to go out into the countryside every weekend - someone is sure you have to stay at home on the weekend. You want three children in the future - someone does not want one. Even at the beginning of the conversation, tell the potential partner what you expect from him, and do not be afraid to seem tactless and rushed.

Delete accounts in applications if you have already found a partner
There are no ideal people, and there will always be someone better than the person you like. Chances are good that this will happen exactly when you already have everything going well. In order not to get into such a situation, delete the profile as soon as you meet someone interesting. Get to know him better and let him know you. If the relationship does not work out in the end, then you can always return to the application by restoring the profile.

Don't forget about reality
Even if you are successful with people from a dating app, still don't forget about what's going on outside of it. Keep an eye on your friends, colleagues, acquaintances. A conversation with a nice neighbor in an elevator will obviously make you more happy than a one-day correspondence with another "swiper".